Date: Enschede, July 10, 2018


PHIX Photonics Assembly secures next round of financing and LioniX International obtains a majority share.

PHIX Photonics assembly (PHIX) moves forward in the next step of its growth due to the recent acquisition of LioniX International BV by Magic Micro Co. Ltd ( As part of this acquisition and the further implementation plan towards high volume assembly of Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC)  modules, LioniX International has increased its share in PHIX. This will strengthen its position as a vertical integrated supplier of PIC based modules.


Date: Enschede, June 19, 2018


Twente company first of its kind in photonic chip production


Europe is at the threshold of a technological revolution - the application of the power of light to solve our greatest global challenges. As a fast, compact, energy efficient and therefore sustainable option, it is suitable for many applications and will be an essential component of the societal challenges of the future.

Date: Enschede, December 12, 2017


PHIX and Tyndall Institute strengthen their collaboration


PHIX Photonics assembly (PHIX) and PIXAPP Pilot Line Coordinator Tyndall Institute have strengthened their collaboration in the development of the photonic packaging ecosystem by arranging dedicated training of PHIX engineers on Tyndall’s advanced packaging equipment. This sharing of knowledge will strengthen the photonic ecosystem in Europe and assure open access to high volume Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) packaging through the PIXAPP Pilot Line.

Date: Enschede, Oktober 16, 2017


PHIX raises first round of investment


PHIX Photonics Assembly established its assembly and packaging production line in April 2017, targeting cost-effective fabrication of Photonic Integrated Circuit modules in large volumes. With its operations at the High Tech Factory, PHIX contributes to the established regional eco-system of design, engineering and development of integrated photonics solutions.